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Data Scientist


TAO BIN has become a household name in Thailand with thousands of machines deployed throughout the country and hundreds-of-thousands of cups sold per day. Behind these machines is a powerful data platform (vendii) that automatically knows when to refill the machines, what to refill the machines with and provides operators with a suite of tools – monitoring, alerting, analytics, to manage operations at scale. TAO BIN’s growth has been stratospheric and, with no signs of slowing down, next year we are going international. As such, we are looking for a talented data scientist.

Our team, originally from the acquisition of vendii, is a looking to operate upwards of 100,000 machines worldwide over the next 4 years. We are building the best-in-class platform for vending operations, realised as an event sourced distributed system integrating directly with IoT machines in real-time. Areas you’ll be working on include demand forecasting, replenishment optimisation, recommendation systems, route optimisation, customer vitals analysis and so much more! There are many opportunities and being a greenfield project means there is latitude for you to have a tremendous influence on the direction of the product. 


  • Excellent analytical skills.

  • Strong intuition of Machine Learning and corresponding mathematics.

  • Strong coding skills in Python, Python’s popular libraries and scientific stack.

  • Experience with modern ML/AI tools/libraries/platforms, data processing in, ETL, feature engineering and MLOps (tuning models in training and production).

  • End-to-end experience, from business requirements through to productionising models and pipeline creation.

Desirable Skills

  • Masters or PhD in a STEM (science, technology, engineer mathematics) field.

  • Experience with SQL

  • Practical research experience.

  • Software developer experience.

ประวัติ (Resume)

ข้าพเจ้ารับทราบนโยบายคุ้มครองข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลของบริษัท ฟอร์ท เวนดิ้ง จำกัด และยินยอมให้บริษัท เก็บ ใช้ และเปิดเผยข้อมูลของข้าพเจ้าเพื่อรับทราบข้อมูลบริการต่างๆของบริษัท


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