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Nothing complicated, just good teas, coffee, and other drinks!

Check out our best flavors












Check out our best flavors


Roasted, ground and brewed fresh for every cup.

100% fresh coffee beans that are ready to serve both hot and cold in one device.

Customize sweetness

Customers can choose the level of sweetness they want

Personalize your drink

Customers are free to personalize their drink - add your favorite topping, mix in an topping, mix in an topping, if it turns a hot day or adds flavor, if it changes a day's sweetness or additional flavor, it changes. down the heat  

Touch Screen

Modern 32-inch touch for browsing and customizing your drink

Various payment systems

Offer convenience with multiple payment options. Whether by cash, QR payment or code 

24 hours service

Our IoT machine can be operated 24 hours a day. Our software informs you when ingredients need restocking, when maintenance is required, run loyalty programs and make automatic data collection of sales driven decisions. data.

Coffee beans

We are using the best local beans


Roasted Arabica Coffee Bean

Medium Blend 

Pacamara P2 Blend Coffee is 100% Arabica that has been selected from a processing plant, using a unique roast profile of the Pakamara coffee roaster to deliver the best aroma and flavor. Soft and sweet from real coffee beans

SORT: Arabica

ROASTING: Medium Dark 

TASTE: Roasty and balanced, with a hint of chocolate.


Roasted Arabica Coffee Bean

Dark Blend

Southern Thai roasted coffee, unique in its distinct flavor, rich taste, and real southern natural aromas. Our coffee was selected as OTOP product of Chumphon Province and received a plaque and an award of honor for the outstanding Robusta coffee grower organization. It is truly recognized by coffee lovers.

SORT: Robusta


TASTE: Bold, rich, and robust


Roasted Arabica Coffee Bean

Light Blend

A distinctive feature of Typica coffee from the Bolaven Plateau, Laos is its slender shape than other coffee varieties. The elevation above the average sea level is 1200 meters of the Bolaven Plateau, allowing quality coffee bean harvesting without the use of chemicals for cultivation. In addition, by handpicking only the best quality coffee beans we can ensure a truly fantastic coffee tasting experience. Dao Coffee has been recognized for its memorable taste and aroma.


ROASTING: Medium Dark 

TASTE: Bright, crisp, and vibrant.


Check out our best flavors

Flying turtle looking for space

Flying turtles have been installed in more than 200 locations throughout Bangkok in condos, offices and leading hospitals. And continues to expand service points to meet the needs of customers.

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fast paced life 24 hour lifestyle

Add services and facilities There is a wide variety of drinks. Hot / cold / blended, including fresh coffee, tea, soda and protein shakes, more than 100 menus, available 24 hours a day, no matter what time there is a drink service.

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Reduce the risk of COVID

can be used by yourself spaced Reduce risks, reduce exposure during the COVID situation. reduce going out to buy or order drinks from outside for safety in service locations

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Enhance the image of modernity

Enhance the image of modernity to the installation location. The flying turtle cabinet uses high technology, designed with modern appearance and UI, minimalist style, can be installed for service without losing its image.


We are the smart beverage vending machine

Fresh coffee vending machines and automated beverage maker "TAO BIN" started from the need to provide convenience to customers. Our automated machines marry the taste of an artisan coffee bar or cafe with the convenience of fast service roadside pop-up carts.

TAO BIN guarentees quality and cleanliness of each cup that is served to you. 


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