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Being a regular just got more rewarding!

When you join TAO BIN Membership, you'll receive surprise rewards for simply being our guest.

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Something for everyone

Ready. Set. Collect.

Accumulate Tao Bin Shell for an even more enjoyable experience with numerous benefits, such as:

15 Shells -  Redeem for a 15 Baht Discount Coupon

28 Shells - Redeem for a 5 Baht Coupon for Beverage Purchase

*Coupons will be delivered in electronic format to your membership number.

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Taobin_sticker_04-Master turtle.png
Taobin_sticker_03-Flying turtle.png

**Total shell point (for level up) only last one year

Apply Tao Bin member via Line app

Say hello to the TAO BIN Club, the Smart coffee machine

When you join Tao Bin, you'll receive surprise rewards for simply being our guest. After your first visit as a member, you’ll buy 1 get 1 off 50%!!

Tao Bin Rewards Program is subject in all respects to the program Terms and Conditions, which change from time to time, and are available by clicking HERE. By clicking Join, you acknowledge you have read and agree to be bound by the program Terms and Conditions.

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