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Coffee beans

We are using the best beans for our coffee vending machine


Medium Blend 

Our specialty blended coffees are 100% Arabica selected quality from processing plants, our specialty roasted coffees for a smooth aroma and sweetness from real coffee beans.


SORT : Arabica

ROASTING : Medium Dark

TASTE : Roasty and balanced, with a hint of chocolate.



Dark Blend

100% Thai coffee, starting from all coffee beans that have been researched and developed for Thai coffee lovers, specially selected quality. Roasted with a special technique to balance the flavor of dark roasted coffee.

SORT: Arabica


TASTE: Bold, rich, and robust


Single Origin, Light Roast Series

We are using the best coffee beans from around the world in our light roasted series.


Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe


SORT: Arabica

PROCESS: Anaerobic process
ALTITUDE: 1,900-2,200 m

NOTE: White-floral, Honey, Maple syrup, Vanilla

Soft and fragrant with 100% pure Arabica coffee that has passed through the anaerobic process, applied from the fermentation of fine wines, left for 2-4 days, helping the coffee beans get more sweet. and secretly hides its unique scent with various fruits and flowers Makes the more you drink, the more relaxed it is, suitable for people who are just starting to drink coffee. Because less caffeine, soft, smooth taste, easy to drink


SORT: Arabica

PROCESS: Washed 
1,890 m

NOTE: Blueberry, Peach, Lemon & Pink Floral

Ethiopian Yegashev, hand-harvested on farms in the mountains high above Sidamo. It is coffee beans that have been washed and soaked for up to 72 hours in a fermentation tank. This process produces rich flavored coffee beans. with a mellow berry and floral scent Highlights of the coffee beans that we choose to use is the predominance of blueberry fruit aromas

Blue Daddy

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe


Pure Beauty

VARIETAL: Heirloom


PROCESS: Full Natural Process
ALTITUDE: 1,900 - 2,100 m

NOTE: Floral/jasmine, cherry, tropical fruit, dry raisin

This full natural coffee was sourced from the growing region of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia and was produced by the smallholder producers from the town of Gorbota. The coffee is spread out on raised beds and dried for 15-21 days. After the perfectly ripe cherries are methodically turned and dried to specific moisture content, the seeds are stripped from the fruit and washed clean. Expect Gorbota to deliver some classic natural processed characteristics along with an added layer of finesse and complexity.

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Asset 3_4x.png

Whiskey Dude

SORT: Arabica


PROCESS: Washed Sherry cask fermentation
ALTITUDE: 1,500 m

NOTE: Whiskey, Vanilla, Honey, Chocolate

Soft and moist with the smell of liquor that does not come in the form of alcohol. with coffee beans

Light roast, suitable for those who love the aroma of whiskey coffee style. Enjoy the unique aromas of Whiskey, Honey, Vanilla and Chocolate. through fermentation and fermentation in cherry tanks that can make coffee beans
fully absorb the smell of liquor Both smell and taste to find

Honduras, Las capucas, San Pedro

LOGO BV 1.png

Colombia, La Plata, Huila


A little sour and extremely refreshing with Stone fruit family coffee, a hard-bodied fruit that carries a unique aroma like 'Peach' that has been carefully selected and of premium quality. by the seeds through incubation at an appropriate distance It also controls humidity throughout the curing process. It is also supplemented with other ingredients to make it blend perfectly with .

SORT: Arabica

ROASTLight, Santa Lucia

PROCESS: Barrel-aged process
ALTITUDE: 1,750 m

NOTE: Peach, Peach tea, Chocolate

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Ground Coffee
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