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Environmental Care

- Save the world with the flying turtle -

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The flying turtle pays attention to every detail.

The flying turtle admits that it has more or less contributed to the increase in the amount of waste, but we aim to develop the organization to focus and pay more attention to this matter. In the beginning, our flying turtle cabinet is designed to understand and pay attention to every detail of the customer from the customization of the menu. Until letting the customer choose not to accept the tube / cap, which is considered a User Exprience that the customer can decide for himself. The flying turtle sees an opportunity that some customers may choose not to accept the bulb / cap as well, and we are confident that in the future we will be able to develop the flying turtle to be more environmentally friendly. and contribute to reducing waste as much as possible

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Flying turtles are recyclable and upcycled.

Flying turtles use polypropylene (PP) plastic cups, known as durable plastic. Because PP type plastic is strong, tough, durable, resistant to impact and chemicals. It is also more heat resistant than PE plastic up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And can receive a pressure of up to 100,000 pounds per square inch, including the tube of the flying turtle, uses the same material, PP type, that can be passed on to the source for recycling or upcycling into new products. too

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Save the world with flying turtles

Have you ever heard that small things come together to become big things? Flying Turtle would like our customers to look at the need for us to make the most of one thing. The use of PP plastic, whether it's a glass or a tube of flying turtles, can be recycled. and should not be discarded immediately Customers can separate by emptying the glass, washing it, drying it, separating it from other waste, even separating plastic waste for recycling. May add more steps to live life, but the flying turtle believes that the return will affect our world for a long time.

You can start with yourself.

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- separate -

- wash -

- Tak -

- Forward -

separate the whole plastic
Glass / Lid / Tube

clear plastic
prevent spoilage

ready to forward

forward plastic
of flying turtles for recycling

good source of plastic


- Send plastic home -

'Properly classify plastics from the source and let's send plastic home' Invitation from the project 'Send plastic home' that accepts two types of plastic donations: stretch and hard. Can be recycled because it is PP plastic. The straws are still not accepted due to the COVID-19 situation and before sending for further recycling. I repeat, senders must be cleaned and sorted before sending them. for cleanliness and preparation for further recycling

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Plastic Delivery Project, TARF Co., Ltd. (Waste Management Building)

999 Moo 1, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province 10540

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