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These eggs are actually all that's left of the TAMATIAN (Ta-ma-tian) folks who managed to survive an invasion by other alien groups.

This egg got a chip with the brutal story of TAMATA's destruction in its DNA. It's carrying the painful memories of losing family and ancestors, and its sole survival mission is to return and save its home planet.

This TAMATIAN is a bit of a softy right now. Gotta wait till he's in the zone, physically and mentally, to head back and save the planet. lend a hand by raising some little aliens and make his dreams happen!




Piece of cake to look after, not a big hassle to keep happy.  Just make sure to give these three things lots of love and attention. That's the key to helping him grow up strong and tough!

Food: Whenever you hop into the game, treat your aliens to a drink. This will shape how your alien buddy grows.

*Each drink packs 5 points.


Cleanliness: Remember, your little buddy is a living being that eats and, well, you know. Make sure to clean up after it each time. Otherwise, things might get pretty gross.

*Cleaning Conditions:

- You've got a total of 100 points. Every single day, those messes pop up and take away -10 points.

- Once you've got more than 7 of those little accidents piled up, your clean points will begin to drop by -10 points every day, and so on, until there's nothing left in the score.

- Once your cleanliness points are totally wiped out, you'll instantly become not-so-lovable anymore.

Strength: And here's a cool twist - your gaming skills can actually help turbocharge his transformation process.

Group 2885.png

A Mission to Boost Strength!


Get ready to hustle with speed and precision! This all depends on your quick eyes and rapid reflexes.

Pick with Care for a Speedy Growth Boost!

When it comes to leveling up fast, your choices matter.

  • Specialty menu brewed from rare coffee beans = +5 points

  • Tasty soaring turtle beverage = +1 point

  • Powders, syrups, and raw materials (the vibrant ones are enticing) = +0.1 points

  • Avoid junk, viruses, and spoiled stuff = -1 point


Time to level up!

AD_Character picture_2_4.png

Egg Mode: Tamatians do their baby-making by hatching eggs. These eggs come with a golden-brown, flaky shell that helps bounce heat off from the little ones.

Baby Build: Newborns are super weak, so alien critters evolved shields to stay safe. This makes them look like tiny turtles in our world.

TAMATIANs' cool thing is that they can shift their bodies based on what they get, using points to grow:

Stage 1: Takes 100 points to evolve.

Stage 2: Needs 500 evolution points.

Let's have some fun now!


Alright, it's playtime! When you're choosing drinks, aim for ones that take 95 seconds or longer to brew.

And when you're ready for some gaming action, just hit that "TAMATAIN" symbol to dive right into the fun!

Pop in your phone number to hop into the game and keep track of your scores after each play.

Time to jump into the game! Let's make that last egg tough as a rock.

Now, let's turn back and rescue TAMATA. You can give us a power boost~

Give those eggs a tap to hatch them!

Ye Ye is ready to break out of its shell.

Keep that mess in check, seriously! Make sure your alien stays alive!

Time's up! Catch you next time for more gaming fun.

Choose one to feed your alien buddy!

Group 2923 (2).png

Tap to snag those bonuses! Watch out though, avoid tapping on bombs and wasting your chances.

If you don't scoop up the poop, you'll bite the dust and have to kick off again.

AD_Menu from 75 seconds_[HOT](1).png

Let's begin the adventure!

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